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A memecoin community takeover who's tired of it all and decided to lock in and do something about it.

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Meme Anatomy

Tired Cat



The Manifesto

We’ve been there before. Seen it all.
The rugs, the pulls, scams and honeypots.
The grifters, fake influencers, celebs and lambos.
The dips, the pumps. Diamonds, and then, dust.
We’re tired as fuck.
Tired of it all.

A cat in the gutter. Down bad.
All we can do is laugh. Vibe.
The bottom is in. It’s up only from here.
A cat with nine lives. Heart of a lion.
Fuck it, we push forward.
Still tired.

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Below is a timeline of the events that have transpired in this project since it’s launch. So much has happened already and we’re sure there’s a lot more to come. The lore here is deep, hilarious and entertaining. We’re never tired of that.